Pilates Amanda Smith


Certified Therapist

I first attended a pilates class for the orthopedic patient in 2012. Amanda Smith was working for OrthoNeuro in Columbus, Ohio and developed a class specifically for physical therapists. I was interested in learning more about this type of exercise for me personally and for my patients. The class involved mat as well as equipment based pilates. I was impressed with Amanda’s knowledge and willingness to share information. I am a McKenzie Certified therapist with a large part of my practice involving spinal conditions. Knowing that Amanda was also Certified peaked my interest in the class even more.

I wanted the rest of my staff to experience the benefits of pilates, so I contacted Amanda and asked if she would travel to West Virginia and teach a mat-based class for us. She was very accommodating to our schedule and needs. She submitted to the Board of PT to get approval for CEU’s. We set a date and she enlisted her husband Kevin, also a PT, to assist her with teaching and demonstrations. We learned a lot and fun doing it. I would highly recommend this team to any clinic that wants to expand their exercise base to include pilates.


Wendy Peters

Now that I have been meeting regularly with Amanda in her Pilates sessions, I frequently receive compliments about how great I look. Although I have not worked to lose weight, I have toned up so much that everyone thinks I have lost weight!  In addition, I feel so much better because I am so much more flexible due to Pilates!  I have improved my strength and balance as well. Amanda is such a great coach and often recommends activities to help me improve my flexibility at home, which is such a bonus!


Julie Given

Since attending Amanda’s Pilates class for the last few months, I definitely feel stronger. Amanda has such a gift for instructing any type of workout class, especially Pilates. She begins each class saying, “Welcome to the best hour of your day,” and I absolutely agree! I wish I could start my day off every day with her class!


Rob Coddington

At 45 years old I had never found a workout that I could stick with for more than a couple of months. I had also heard of the benefits of a strong core, but probably never had one. I have gone to ABS twice a week for the last year and I can’t believe the results! Amanda was the perfect motivational instructor for me. I’m a golfer and I hit the ball further now than I ever have all because of a dramatic increase in core strength and overall flexibility.  Thanks Amanda!


Donna Davidson

I recently had knee replacement surgery, and I will always be grateful to Amanda for being so instrumental in helping me recover both physically and mentallythrough her Pilates instruction.  She has a very unique talent of helping you in a veryencouraging, informed, non-threatening and fun way. Paying attention to my needs and limitations while always challenging me in a very professional and well-educated manner are only a few of the many benefits I receive.  Thank you, Amanda!


Judy Broderick

Amanda’s Pilates classes are something I always look forward to and never want to miss.  I’ve seen a huge improvement in my overall strength and posture, and greater endurance for daily activities.  I never want to quit doing this.  It’s amazing how Amanda is able to target all levels of fitness at the same time, while keeping everyone engaged, challenged and having fun! This isn’t just another exercise class with a generic instructor.  It’s the best overall workout with the best Pilates coach ever!  Thanks Amanda


Anne Kennedy

Pilates has saved my back. I am an active 50-something and I couldn’t put on pants without leaning on the wall for fear of hurting my back.  Since my sport is horseback riding, something had to be done.  Pilates has done for me what chiropractic and medicine never could.  Amanda’s careful individualized instruction prepares us for every movement in order to perform it safely and effectively.  What a nice bonus that she is trained in physical therapy.  It’s been a joy to work with Amanda on improving my overall strength, balance, and well being.  I am riding pain free!


Mary Jane Frank

Pilates has helped to improve my strength and flexibility.  It also provides an opportunity to focus on breathing, stretching and improving my balance.  As I move into my “golden years,” I believe Pilates will enhance my ability to maintain better posture, stability and independence – all critical to self-sufficiency!


Amy Gibson

Friends had recommended I try Amanda’s Pilates classes and I’m so glad I did.  I thought I was strong from my traditional weight-training workouts, but by practicing Pilates, I’ve found much more core strength and balance than I ever had before.  Amanda’s encouragement has built up my confidence and ability to do more than I thought I could, even with my stiff joints.  And I really appreciate her expertise in physiology, because I’m training with a real pro. Thanks, Amanda!


Cyndi Cross

I began taking Restorative Pilates with Amanda Smith over eight years ago.  I remember having lower back problems and was not able to bend over without discomfort.  Gradually, I have built a stronger core, improved flexibility as well as my posture.  Best of all, I seldom have any back problems.  I definitely feel this is a direct result of Pilates. Amanda is such a great motivator and always knows how to encourage you to push a little harder when you feel you have reached your limit.   I love her classes because she is so cheerful and enthusiastic, and her spirit seems to be infectious!


Michelle K.

I discovered Pilates with Amanda, -3.5 years ago, when I was determined to heal from a near fatal MVA (a hit & run) that had significantly reduced my range of motion.Thanks to her unending patience, engaging workouts, and wealth of professional expertise, I have not only improved my range of motion but have also benefited from a stronger core, increased endurance, and regained confidence. She is a most gifted, intuitive, and sincere instructor/coach and has my highest endorsement!


Eric Barta

I highly recommend Amanda’s class for anyone looking to take that next step after PT. I think Amanda’s class has done more for me after one session than a year of PT. Amanda’s knowledge as a PT and her willingness to help have been invaluable. As a guy I was hesitant to take a Pilates class, but the classes have been great. What a great way to work your way back into shape!


Tricia Carlos

Amanda’s pilates class have changed so many things in my life. It has allows me to enjoy  peace and relaxation while I strengthening my body from the inside out.  The strong core exercises along with the breathing techniques have made a difference in other actives as well.  Running used to be very difficult for me, but I found after taking pilates my core is strong and my breathing has regulated, this has made running a bit more enjoyable.  I have also noticed a change in my everyday posture.  I have never had good posture, but pilates has made me think about how I stand and has improved my overall stature.  If I had to choose one type of exercise to balance out my life it would definitely be pilates.



I have struggled with back and neck issues for several years and have found pilates to be so beneficial for my body. Amanda always goes above and beyond to help me with my aches and pains and is very passionate about helping others feel better. Amanda incorporates her expertise as physical therapist into understanding ones current problems/needs and develops a plan around that. I am very grateful for everything she has taught me and for helping me to improve my overall physical fitness and take it to another level.



I had suffered from plantar fasciitis for years, after the first 10 weeks of Pilates with Amanda, I was able to walk pain-free with no inserts. I have continued working with Amanda for about a year and a half. In that time she has always kept my interest by bringing in new exercises and by using new equipment and accessories. Amanda is very knowledgeable and she is always ready to enhance or to modify an exercise to your needs. She is also very up-beat and motivating reaffirming that it is the best hour of your day–and she is right.



After my last knee injury playing soccer I was close to giving up the sport. However, after a series Physical Therapy and Pilates sessions with Amanda, where the focus was not just on my problematic knees, but strengthening the core, I have a lot more confidence in my body that it can withstand the wear and tear and extend my soccer lifetime. I have also been able to road run for longer times and distances without having swelling and aches and pains in my knees