Who Would Benefit from Pilates?

Anyone and Everyone!!!
Cancer Survivors
Ballet Dancers and Gymnasts
Individuals with Chronic Back and Neck Injuries
Individuals with Scoliosis
Individuals with MS
Anyone Who Simply Wants to Look and Feel Better, Both Mentally and Physically!!!

Pilates is easily adaptable to the needs and limitations of all individuals.


Benefits of Pilates

It improves strength
It improves flexibility
It improves posture awareness
It improves whole body awareness
It corrects muscle imbalances
It creates a mind/body connection
It improves core strength
It can reduce back pain
It improves balance

Benefits of Having a Health Coach

It give you with a knowledgeable advisor to provide guidance and support on your road to a healthier life.
It helps you establish a comprehensive, safe exercise program.
It helps you understand how to establish a healthier way of eating.
It helps you to stay motivated.
It helps you to overcome both mental and physical barriers on your road to a healthier life.
It provides you with an advisor on how to establish a comprehensive exercise program after you have sustained an injury or illness.
It provides you with an advisor to help you overcome the stresses of life.
It provides you with a “cheerleader” on your road to a healthier, happier life.